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Crete - Bezdroza

Autor: Rolf Goetz
ISBN: 978-3-7633-4840-4
stron: 248, okładka: miękka
Ksi─Ögarnia: Bezdroza

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Crete offers an incredibly multifaceted realm for walkers. Many areas of the island are still rugged and pristine. The islands terrain is dominated by three mighty mountain ranges, furrowed by deep gorges. Lofty mountains and a deep-blue sea are in close proximity an ideal combination for any holiday. The finest coastal and mountain walks on Greeces largest and most diverse island can be found in the Rother Walking Guide Crete.

The choice ranges from a pleasant walk across foothills through vineyards and sprawling groves of olive trees all the way up to the highest panoramic summits. There are even some demanding peaks, over 2000 metres in height, to climb. Breathtaking canyons can be traversed and isolated, dripstone caves are waiting to be explored. Everywhere you look, youll find little villages, secluded monasteries and remote caves. Coastal trails lead to tranquil coves for bathing; is there anything better than, after a walk, taking a dip in some refreshing waters? Even the classic Cretan walks, like the Samaria Gorge and Deads Gorge with its Minoan palace grounds, are included in this guide.

Rolf Goetz, a seasoned writer of walking guides for the Bergverlag Rother, presents 60 walks on the island of Crete, all rich in diversity. Each individual walk includes a short preface with all the important key points, an exact description of the route, a pertinent height profile and a little walking map with the route marked in. Apart from these, there are many tips pertaining to the availability of refreshment, possible alternative routes as well as sites worth a visit. GPS tracks are available for downloading. Numerous delightful photos whet the appetite for making the island your first choice for your next holiday sojourn.

An essential guide for Crete fans!

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